Named after the Spanish words for woodlands and coast, monte and costa, Monte Costa is a relaxing retreat amidst plenty of trees and greeneries while enjoying the breezy coast of the West Philippine Sea.


It is a private resort showcasing bundles of luxuries, from the intricate architectures of the three Villas, The “Uichi, Manzely and Saya Rumah” to the Victoria pool, an aquatic social place to soak in your senses to the paradise-like gardens adorning the resort. We have accommodating staffs that provide the best customer service possible and all the culinary expertise to make each day of your vacation or any occasion - a day to remember.


Let us also be part of the special events of your life as we help you celebrate those special occasions with us - be it a wedding, a birthday, anniversary or simply just to celebrate a milestone in your life, you will find the Resort an exquisite place to build memories on. The Resort is also open to pre-nuptial shoots and corporate events such as parties, team building activities, conventions or conferences.